Far From Tipsy.

You got a right to show the world something never seen...

You’re one of the prettiest, nicest people I’ve ever, ever met. - Jade Thirlwall

The one thing that I love most about Jade is she’s so sweet and innocent and cute, but underneath all that she’s really feisty […] But yeah, that’s what I love most about Jade. - Jesy Nelson

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my favourite jesy and perrie moments [part 1]

get to know me meme : [2/5] idols

Leigh-Anne Pinnock ► Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough or that you’re ugly. What is pretty, anyway? At the end of the day, everyone’s unique and different so embrace who you are, as there’s only one of you. 

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@LittleMix: Thanku sooo much @shivvvey and @headmastersuk for my new ginger locks I feel like a new woman ;) xjesyx

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